We offer Hypnobirthing Australia’s™ Positive Birth Program

Hypnobirthing is the application of self-hypnosis during childbirth. It can be a great tool in supporting you to calmly and confidently see your baby into the world, regardless of how that might be.

At her, we’re proud to offer Hypnobirthing Australia’s™ Positive Birth Program through our certified mindset mentor and hypnotherapist, Tanya. The Positive Birth Program is designed to educate and prepare you for childbirth and beyond. It also provides you with ongoing access to an abundance of helpful resources such as practice tracks, eBooks, birthing videos, breathing exercises, and even partner cheat sheets!

The program can be completed in person or online at any stage of pregnancy, though we find most parents-to-be prefer to start at around the 20-33 week mark. We also offer private options and refresher courses for those returning to hypnobirthing.

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