Eleni Nicolaou

Client Experience Team Member

Meet Eleni, her Client Experience Team Member.

Eleni is best described as thoughtful, kind and incredibly bubbly. 

Eleni’s great at making our patients feel seen and supported throughout their journeys. She gets great satisfaction from learning about women’s health and from working with such a strong and diverse team of independent and open women. 

Having grown up in a large family surrounded by women, Eleni witnessed many of the changes and experiences females go through firsthand. An upbringing that fueled her passion to work in a field where she can not only help the women in her family but also those who come through our door. And much like the rest of the her team, Eleni loves being part of the pregnancy journey and supporting our patients—each and every step of the way. 

When not at her, Eleni can usually be found out on a walk or at the beach. She also enjoys dinners with her partner and spending quality time with family and friends. 

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