Annabel Duncan


Meet Annabel, her Physiotherapist.

Annabel can best be described as friendly, outgoing and approachable.

Having over 39 years experience in her field, Annabel has cultivated a particular interest in women’s health physiotherapy. She offers pelvic floor rehabilitation and strengthening, assessment of bladder dysfunction and bladder training. She also assists women dealing with antenatal and postnatal issues that arise during pregnancy or post delivery. 

Being a passionate people person, Annabel takes great pleasure in helping women recover from physical issues and ailments that affect the quality or way in which they live their lives. She also loves that her offers patients a multitude of specialisations under the one roof—creating a unique and cross-disciplinary approach to wellness. 

Prior to her, Annabel spent eight years in the public sector working as a physiotherapist at the Queen Victoria Hospital and The Children’s Hospital before embarking on private practice. Annabel has worked with Dr Carmel Cocchiaro since 2018 and is a cherished member of the her team.. Annabel is currently a member of the Women’s Health Physio- Maternity Unit at Calvary Hospital.

When not at her, Annabel enjoys spending time with her family. She loves being active and is often found on a tennis court, racket in hand. 

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  • Member, Women’s Health Physio-Maternity Unit, Calvary Hospital


  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Strengthening
  • Assessment of Bladder Dysfunction
  • Bladder Training