Wen Jie Liu

Diabetes Educator

Meet Wen, her Diabetes Educator

We describe Wen as caring, positive, proactive and highly enthusiastic.

Having worked within the community and the hospital as both a diabetes educator and a clinical nurse, Wen is aptly qualified when it comes to diabetes management and education, complex chronic disease management and lifestyle coaching. Wen takes a particular interest in women’s health and is also a certified cervical screening provider. She firmly believes in the power of holistic medicine. She strives to provide comprehensive care to every woman she encounters, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Specific areas of diabetes education covered by Wen include gestational diabetes, diabetes preconception consultations, pre-diabetes/diabetes prevention, lifestyle coaching, management and advice around type 1 and type 2 diabetes, diabetic weight management, insulin initiation and titration with doctor’s order, diabetes medication initiation, monitoring and review, diabetes technology such as continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump. 

Wen’s passion for diabetes education stems from her family’s strong history with the condition. She understands how people with diabetes may feel. She’s also a big believer in self-management, empowered by knowledge and good support. Services she offers through holistic health assessments and non-judgemental education with her clients. Wen says seeing people with diabetes gain confidence in their ability to self-manage their condition and get more enjoyment out of life brings her the greatest joy. 

When not at her, Wen frequently practices yoga and meditation (to improve flexibility and focus). She’s also rather creative—singing, painting and playing the piano.

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  • Diabetes Management and Education
  • Complex Chronic Disease Management
  • Lifestyle Coaching