Lorenna Williams

Relationship Coordinator

Meet Lorenna, her Relationship Coordinator. 

Lorenna can best be described as a kind, thoughtful human, with a strong work ethic and a get-it-done attitude. You could very well say she’s a great big bubble of love, we certainly do!

Lorenna’s role at her includes chaperoning our doctors during gynaecological procedures and supporting both our patients and doctors. Her favourite part of her role is celebrating with patients when they receive good news or welcome a baby into the world.

Lorenna is passionate about women’s health and wellbeing, particularly that women feel seen and heard in their times of need. The mental health of patients, her work family and herself is of the highest priority to Lorenna, who believes having a healthy body is having a healthy state of mind. 

When not at her, Lorenna’s time is spent with her beautiful boys, husband and sweet dog. If not with her family, she’s usually got her head in a book or can be found out for a walk.   

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